Thursday, April 5, 2012

[Views of Cincinnati] The Road

#15 - The Road

"The Road" looks more like some post apocalyptic scene after the dust has settled and the world has gone quiet. The faded yellow lines, rusted railings and slowly tilting light poles frame a view of the Skyline from the West. While this particular ramp hasn't been used in decades, the viaduct itself is still very active. It opened in 1940 at a time when traffic speeds were slower, cars were smaller and there was less of both on "The Road."

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I'm not sure why the ramp from State Ave. closed, but these days it's being reclaimed by nature and debris. It must've been a hell of an entrance to to the expressway back in the day. Not only did you come sweeping up to a view of the city, you also had to merge onto the viaduct from the center lane extremely quickly. The viaduct itself is of a dying breed. An early version of the American expressway, it was constructed by the Union Terminal company in order to provide vehicles a clear route over the massive railroad yard. It appears similar to the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey and features the same architectural styling as Columbia Parkway on the opposite end of town. Currently, its replacement is under construction right next door.




- Old school Nintendo controller found amongst rubble and other trash on the entrance ramp.



  1. that last shot has got some fantastick character. Would not mind seeing this same shot but with the fish eye

  2. Maybe I'll have to go back, thanks for the suggestion!