Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Views of Cincinnati] #18 - Barrier 2

#18 - Barrier 2

I pulled out of the parking garage at work. It had been raining all day. I had the song "Who Can it Be Now" by "Men at Work" stuck in my head. I pulled into a gas station and got out of the car to fill it up. That same song is playing on the Shell station radio. I then went out and shot some photos.

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I parked in Mt. Adams in roughly the same spot I was at for photo #4. This time though, I followed the path I had mentioned in that post:

- Taken back in February while shooting #4 - "Wrought Iron Sunrise."

The path leads to the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Columbia Parkway and connects down towards Pete Rose Way and the Riverfront. I like it. It's gritty, somewhat overgrown and obscured by plants and a pseudo hidden path that connects Mt. Adams to the city below.


The pedestrian bridge has an awkward view of the skyline. Your view is blocked by a chainlink fence, the cars below you are loud, The Great American Tower awkwardly juts out from the rest of the buildings that are somewhat hidden behind Mt. Adams and the cold wind kicks around you. The stonework of the parkway looks like it'd be more fitting in Washington D.C. The road is wet, the sky is gray and the sun is attempting to come out in the distance. Cincinnati is in front of you, beyond the fence. Then behind you: the church on top of Mt. Adams - a view that almost seems more fitting to be a small town than a major metropolitan city.


As I finished writing this post, "Who Can it Be Now?" came on my internet radio.

- Mt. Adams.

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  1. Totally was just in the same area shooting the other day as well!