Friday, May 25, 2012

[Views of Cincinnati] Night Flight


The Skyline below the wing of the Cesna 172S we were flying in as it executed a banked turn, blurring and twisting the view below. Great American Tower can be seen as the "lighthouse" figure in the center of the frame.

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*Note: The blue airplane marker on the 224 Map is only approximate.

- Clermont County Airport.

The other night I had the opportunity to go flying with my friend JaMichael. He's an Aviation Technology Major at the University of Cincinnati and he's been flying solo for two years. He was kind enough to take up my girlfriend, our friend Emmerz and myself. I've gone flying with him before and he always orchestrates wonderful photo ops, but this was the first time going at night. It's hard as hell to shoot at night from an airplane, even with a DSLR that has high ISO tolerances. So I tried something different - pushing the camera up against the window, keeping it stable with the wing and dragging the shutter to abstract the view below us.

- Our plane's wing sitting on the runway.
- JaMichael and Emmerz piloting.
- The legendary JaMichael Clark. He's as good as that Charlie Lindbergh fellow, except his kid isn't missing ...yet. Nor does he have a kid ...yet.
- Heading into CVG for a "touch and go" before heading out to Cincinnati.
- CVG's Concourse B.

Thanks for flying us, John! To see the photos from the last time John took me flying, go here.


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    1. Don't be! I can hook you up, want to come up some time?

  2. These are quite excellent. Nice Shots Ronny, we'll do it again soon!

  3. Nice pics Ronny. I've flown into LaGuardia around sunset, coming in over Manhattan. It is jawdroppingly beautiful, but I can't get a decent dang picture of it!