Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[Views of Cincinnati] #47 - 52


From the walls of the Freedom Center, to the reflections in the grid of 312 Elm, a gritty view from the west, fireworks over the river, abandoned streets and a tribute to the memory of Bob Saget - six new photographs in the "224 Views of Cincinnati" series.

#47 - Framed by the walls of Freedom


A slim view of the Skyline at night, framed by the stone walls of the National Underground Freedom Center.

In a post 9/11 world, "freedom" is the catch phrase of America's political climate. While it has always been this nation's theme, a true understanding of it has been bastardized by cable news pundits, blowhard talk radio hosts and politicians of all persuasions. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a monument to the ideal of freedom though. Its eternal flame on the south side may never be as iconic as the torch atop the statue of liberty, but this museum stands as a testament to mankind's quest to be free and not just in a sense of slavery or British persecution. The often unrecognized museum has chronicled the stories of the struggle of freedom all across the globe and throughout history, even featuring a piece of The Berlin Wall. Ironically, it's often criticized and made into a controversial issue by the very political party that claims to value "freedom" and brought you The Patriot Act.

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#48 - 312 Elm Reflection


The 4th and Vine Tower (PNC Bank Tower) reflected in the grid-like window and stone structure of the 312 Elm Building.

312 Elm is home to the headquarters of The Cincinnati Enquirer and stands exactly 312 feet tall, the same number as its street address.

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#49 - Redness in the Midwest


Name inspired by a song by one of my favorite bands, The Lawrence Arms, called Redness in the West.
Fuck you
You're cool
Fuck you, too
The last goodbye is simple and true.
I got a fever for the cowbell, boys.
I fell for the beat and I stay down for the noise.

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#50 - Standing in the River


Fireworks exploding over the Ohio River behind the iconic Roebling Suspension Bridge during  a "Fireworks Friday," a summertime post-game promotion by the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club. Photographed while standing on some debris in the river.

Since the promotion's inception, every time I've sat across the stadium listening to the game, waiting to photograph a "Fireworks Friday," the Reds have lost.

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#51 - Slaughter Avenue


What remains of Slaughter Ave., once a street in a public housing neighborhood that was razed for the "Ovation" development in 2006. "Ovation," has still yet to happen.

A story on the Ovation Project will be debuting on QC/D in the coming weeks.

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#52 - In Loving Memory of Bob Saget


Named so because the row of houses and the Skyline behind them remind me of the opening credits to Full House, which starred Bob Saget.

Bob Saget isn't dead, but it's incredibly easy to convince people he is - so I'll let this photograph perpetuate the myth. He's actually a pretty interesting stand up comic and human being. If you're ever passing over the railroad tracks on E. 10th Street in Newport, maybe you'll think of him and lovingly remember this quote...
“I'm fortunate to know a lot of incredibly talented people, and they all want to be a penguin.”
- Bob Saget

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Update | Oct. 21, 2017:
  • A QC/D story on the Freedom Center itself from 2014.
  • The Ovation Site at "slaughter avenue" may become the future home of an FC Cincinnati soccer stadium.
  • "Full House" was reborn as "Fuller House" on Netflix and it's amazing.


  1. I know you're probably already familiar, but I just saw the Mt. Airy water towers for the first time last night... right about magic hour. They're amazing! Seems like a good topic for a post on your blog.
    Keep up the good work regardless.

  2. Great stuff as always!