Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ran Into the Vice President After Work Today


Today was like any normal day at work, except for a random encounter with the Vice President on the way home.


I left work and pulled onto I-71 south to head home. Typically, sunday afternoons make for an easy drive with very little traffic. All the sudden, an exit later and the few cars ahead of me are slowing down to a stop while a state trooper on a motorcycle waves his arms telling everyone to move over into the emergency lane. I mutter a few expletives and merge.

"Seriously?" I thought. "Why is there traffic on a Sunday!?"

Hearing sirens in the distance, I switched the radio over to AM expecting to be informed of some grisly accident or road work that was slowing traffic and delaying me from getting home.  However, as the cars pulled over there was nothing. No wrecked cars, no orange barrels - just the officer on his motorcycle. Soon more State Troopers arrived, using their bullhorns to tell everyone the delay wouldn't be long. I rolled down my window and made eye contact with one of the troopers.

"It won't be long, they're coming down the ramp now." he said.

"Who is?" I asked.

"Biden." he replied.

I grabbed my camera off the passenger seat and snapped a few frames as the Vice President of the United States of America's motorcade sped by in a flurry of police cars, SUV's and motorcycles. Fresh off his convention speech, he had just made a campaign stop in nearby Milford.

Love him or hate him, it's not every day the second most powerful man in the nation passes you on the highway.




  1. You grabbed your camera? Jeez, I'd be afraid to make any sudden moves, or point anything at a convoy of heavily armed Secret Service dudes.

    1. I was worried about that too, but figured if they did stop me it would just make for an even better story in the long run.