Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coming Soon: Suburbia Lost

Continuing in Queen City Discovery's documentation of Urban Exploration and lesser known history, "Suburbia Lost" will be a look at the declining, overlooked and oft-forgotten structures left behind in the continued expansion of the perceived "paradise" that is Suburbia.

Check out the ongoing series here.


  1. Looking forward to it. Is this the gas station on Montgomery Rd near Fields Ertel, across from Meijer?

  2. Being from Greenhills, OH, we always miss Johnny's Toys. It abruptly closed around New Years Day one year, was abandoned for a while, became a Grandview Outlet and is now abandoned again. As kids, Johnny's would always send us a plastic key to their free gift castle on our Birthdays. All the stuff in there was kinda clearance stuff like paddle & rubber ball, but as a kid just being able to pick any wrapped present for your Birthday was a thrill.

  3. Oh man, Johnny's Toys! My sisters and I all went there when we were younger and even got to see the "new" store they had in Cincinnati Mills when they renovated it. Sad to see it all go.