Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Memory of Robert Pence

- 1979 Photograph of Amtrak Train 50 at Cincinnati's River Rd. Station by Robert Pence.
The internet is an interesting place. Through it, we as people have the opportunity to connect and engage countless other human beings via virtual interaction. Some times, even without having met someone in person, we can grow to admire them, learn from them and work together.

It was brought to my attention this evening that Robert Pence lost his battle with throat cancer last week at the age of 73.

I never met Robert in person, but he and I were both members of the message board at Many times, I found myself spending hours reading his posts about riding the rails across America. When I first looked into taking Amtrak, Robert and I corresponded via email to help me plan (I finally made an Amtrak trip this past summer). I also wrote an article about Cincinnati railroad history that Robert contributed to, featuring one of his photographs above.

His photographs and stories of traveling were straightforward, honest and poignant - capturing a realistic view of the American landscape in the time periods when these trips were undertaken. I always enjoyed them.

Although I never had to opportunity to meet Robert in person, I'll always appreciate the help he gave me and think of him the next time I board the train.

Robert's terrific website can be viewed here.

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