Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Enemy of the State?

A report from the "National Counterterrorism Center" states: Urban Explorers (UE)—hobbyists who seek illicit access to transportation and industrial facilities in urban areas—frequently post photographs, video footage, and diagrams on line that could be used by terrorists to remotely identify and surveil potential targets. Advanced navigation and mapping technologies, including three dimensional modeling and geo-tagging, could aid terrorists in pinpointing locations in dense urban environments. Any suspicious UE activity should be reported to the nearest State and Major Area Fusion Center and to the local FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Given the places I've been to and photographed, does that make me an enemy of the state?

Full report here.


  1. Well, you've been in the Cincinnati subway... You might disrupt the subway service :-)

  2. A local running group that uses chalk marks and flour to mark their trails used to have to report to Emergency Management where they'd be running, just because people saw the piles of flour and thought it was anthrax.

    So, you're no worse.

  3. Governmental paranois to the nth degree.

  4. "Pinpointing locations in dense urban environments": Not something the public should be able to do?!


  5. The enemy wants to bomb an abandoned building. It's your fault! haha