Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Suburbia Lost] Taz - Loveland


Right off the highway, a converted Italian fare chain last saw life as local Mediterranean cuisine.


Originally built as a Fazoli's, the building was converted to a locally owned, full service Mediterranean restaurant known for its gyros, falafel and hookah bar. According to "Wine Me, Dine Me" it closed up shop in 2011 when the owners left the building to pursue a food truck that seems to have disappeared too. If Yelp was any indication though, the place was pretty good.

Located right off of the incredibly busy Mason-Montgomery/Fields-Ertel Rd. exit of I-71, the shuttered building looks odd enough in the midst of all the surrounding activity. On top of that though, it's become a graffiti canvas that probably doesn't sit well with nearby suburbs more "affluent" reputations.



Suburbia Lost is an ongoing documentation of decay in the sphere of a perceived paradise. After years of photographing abandoned, forgotten, and often historical locations in the city, this project aims to take a look at how structures fare in the sphere of suburbia. You can view other entires in the project, here


  1. Looks like this could have been a Hardees at one point...

  2. I just turned 47 years old on 6/24/2014 and I was born and raised just around the corner from here on enyart road and I can tell you loads of information about this area but that building was originally an IZZYS restaurant not the fazolies as you think it was I remember when this area was a cornfield my father had the gulf station (in the 1950s they moved to Montgomery from here) on the other side of the interstate from here it is now the chevron station next door to the waffle house I also can tell you many stories of the peters cartage company in kings mills also we spent many days partyng in it back in the 80s when I was in high school

  3. I agree with the first comment - this does look like a Hardees at one point. The double pillars in the drive thru picture give it away.

  4. This was built as a Hardee's. & look for the 1993 photo.