Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Kings Waffle] Chapter 4: Free Coffee


'The best part of waking up'...

...is getting a voicemail from Waffle House.


It seems like every morning I wake up worried about something, ill-disposed. Most days it fades away and I get go go on as normal, but in those first few moments of turning off a string of alarms, I feel terrible. There's an anxiety, a feeling of regret - from forgetting to do something the day before or overthinking decisions made two years ago. Normally it takes awhile to shake off. 

Then sometimes I wake up to good news, like this voicemail:

"Good morning Ronny, it's Kelly from Waffle House!
Guess what?
Missy drew your name for the "free coffee winner week."
You are the best!
See ya this evening for coffee, have a great day!

Some days you're the Hall and some days you're the Oates. Some days you're angry and some days you're Friday morning's "free coffee winner for the week" at Kings Waffle.


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  2. Ronny, free coffee or not you are a wiener in my book.

  3. A good coffee is a free coffee.

  4. I am concerned about the "we can not cash any checks" sign. Do people bring they paychecks to Waffle House hoping to get them chased?

  5. I personally appreciate the used mayo packet in the background.