Thursday, February 19, 2015

[Kings Waffle] Chapter 7: The Wednesday Night Kids


They'd show up mid-week, near the start of third shift lining up their pickup trucks one by one in the parking lot. They'd sit on the other side of the restaurant - another group of regulars different from the usual group of regulars. One night, the two groups converged - ours and theirs - for a coffee laden discourse about why we all come to Kings Waffle.

The Wednesday Night Kids have known each other since they were young. All hailing from Warren County, Kings Waffle is their central meet up point - a place for the four friends to reconnect and catch up. They usually come in on third shift, near or after 9 PM. Friends from 4H club, they describe Wednesday nights as not only the most convenient for them all, but that it "sounds the best: 'Waffle House Wednesdays.'" It's been awhile since I've seen these guys come in (and admittedly quite awhile since I made their photographs and had the chance to speak with them). Even as I began writing their chapter at the low counter on a late Wednesday night, their side of the restaurant was empty. Guys, wherever you are, hope you're doing well.

Fittingly, they're also the ones who introduced me to the social media event known as "Waffle House Wednesday." WHW is based out of Columbus, TN and chronicles the get togethers of "regulars" at one of the "Volunteer State's" waffle hawking establishments.



A Criminal Justice major at the nearby Sinclair Community College, Easton is a coffee drinker prone to ordering the "All Star Special." His appreciation for the restaurant chain is displayed not only in the frequency of his visits, but also in the yellow Waffle House shirt he received as a gift from his family on his birthday.



Quiet and reserved, Jimmy was drinking Coca-Cola when I met him - the only one of his group not sipping down coffee. Straightforward and direct, he grew up on a farm in nearby West Chester. His meal of choice is the Double Cheeseburger.



Austin most commonly orders the Fiesta Omelette, but has been known to occasionally order the steak. A man who prefers his hash browns "country style," he's a Wildlife Management major at Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio when he's not at home enjoying coffee and conversation with his friends.



A Lebanon, Ohio resident and student at Wilmington College up the highway, Seth is a fan of the Chocolate Chip Waffle. So much so that he usually orders three of them to go along with his coffee and the bowl of creamers that accompany his beverage. He'll order hash browns with cheese instead if he doesn't feel like trying to drum up business for his dentist with his usual order.


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