Thursday, May 21, 2015

Introducing Christian Glass

Christian Glass, a Northern Kentucky University student pursuing a degree in Journalism, joins the Queen City Discovery team as an intern.

I was sixteen with my paperback copy of “Cat’s Cradle” at Little Miami High School when I decided I wanted to be a writer. I was eighteen with my first school bill and rent check due when I realized I needed a way to make a living. My name is Christian Glass, and I am Queen City Discovery’s intern.

- Some say I’m passionate about Star Wars. Others irrational. I prefer the former.

Since then I’ve expanded my writing ability, subjects, and proximity. I started by writing about media for UC, going as far as phone interviews with directors. With NKU, I expanded myself to Arts & Life in general, my favorite story being a festival dedicated to Moby Dick.

Queen City Discovery offers me the chance to do something nobody else could: be colorful, and tell a story from my own eyes. 

What I hope to bring to QCD is a further sense of exploration. I’ve seen plenty in Cincinnati, including its first ever Comic-Con, and the beloved Oktoberfest.

The past few years, though, I’ve sought out artwork beneath the bridges of Indianapolis:

I’ve seen the sprawling mountains and fleet of ships protecting the lakes of North Carolina:

I’ve seen the community of the Bonnarooo Music and Arts Festival, which overnight turns Manchester, Tennessee into the seventh largest city in the state.

 But that’s enough about what I’ve done. It’s time to show what I can do. 

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