Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[Suburbia Lost] Movie Theatre - Hamilton, Ohio

A closed movie theatre on the west side of Hamilton, Ohio. When I was 16, my friend Kevin and I saw Batman Begins here. Once a "Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatre," this building was purchased by AMC and operated in conjunction with another theatre just down the street. After about six months in dual operation, AMC shuttered the building while keeping their other theatre operational.

Just up the road is the Holiday Auto Theatre Drive-In which is well more worth your time and money, anyways.

Suburbia Lost is an ongoing series on QC/D that documents abandonment in suburban areas. To view the other installments in the "Suburbia Lost" series, click here.


  1. I used to work at this theater! I have some great memories there.

    1. Please share some of them, I'd love to hear them!

    2. Shoot me an email and I'll be glad too!

  2. I grew up in Hamilton, graduation in 1972. We only had 3 walk in theaters and 4 drive ins. Cinema West used to host garage bands on occasion, playing before the movie and having battle of the bands.

  3. Wow this place brings back memories remember I was in junior high when this theater opened was originally danburry cinemas.

    Speaking of the cinema west by grandpa used to own the place and dad worked there in the 1970's, and remember goin there often as a kid I actually used to work there myself around 1999-2001 when this place was the Hamilton music theater.