Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[Suburbia Lost] United Dairy Farmers - West Chester

In the closed building's windows, a nearby church steeple is reflected. So is the gas station/convenience store of that same brand that replaced it... directly across the street.


United Dairy Farmers is a local mainstay in the greater Cincinnati area, a market absent of the 7/11 brand found almost everywhere else. UDF offers more than just gasoline though, their convenience markets were originally founded as shops offering signature ice cream and dairy products.


In West Chester, Ohio off of Princeton Glendale Rd./State Route 747 there's a shuttered UDF. Like so many other locations in this series, even with the signage and branding removed - it's still clear which company once operated out of here.


Right across a gravel strewn parking lot that once featured gas pumps and reflected in the closed building's windows is another gas station/convenience mart: another UDF. A replacement one. A much larger one.


For some of West Chester's other abandoned gas stations, check out The Abandoned Shell Stations of West Chester.

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  1. Let us pray that this building will have a second life as a consignment shop or Family Dollar.

    1. Prayers over here as well. So many good things that could go there. Maybe a unique "bar and grill" with the "best wings around." Not enough of that out this way.

  2. Hello- You should find some urban exploring spots around UC's campus, I'm sure there are plenty of hidden places.

  3. If you're running low on ideas, here are some:

    Do a photo story of all of the local places where the film Carol was shot. My wife and I saw it (great movie) and I had no idea it was shot in Cincinnati until I saw a scene shot in front of Shillitos, which substituted for NYC.

    Take some photos and write a story on the coffin shop downtown. My wife and I went back to Cincinnati last August. We hadn't been back in 10 years. We were shocked when we saw it. We've been to NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, DC, San Fran, and LA, and we've yet to see a coffin shop like the one we saw.