Monday, January 2, 2017

December 2016

Favorite photographs made in December 2016, the last month of a rather interesting year with so many positives and one glaringly dark negative. October 2017 will mark the tenth year of this website being active. That's a little tough for me to comprehend. There's a lot more to post and a lot of work to be done on several fronts. In the meantime, here are some images from December and a slight preview of things to come.

Images made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone 7+.

- Fresh asphalt on Brotherton Rd. being dragged onto Madison Rd. in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati.

- A man singing Christmas carols at Findlay Market with a Metro bus pass in his cap.

- Seventh St. looking towards Mt. Adams.

- Main St. traffic.

- A man and his dog riding down Main St.

- View from behind the McCormick and Schmick's sign above Fountain Square.

- American flag reflection in downtown office building.

- Lunch at O Pie O in Walnut Hills.

- Power lines in Oakley.

- Great American Tower in morning fog.

- The only Columbus team worth rooting for defeating the LA Kings to extend their winning streak (currently at 15 as of this posting).

- The world's greatest computer game that used to be played at a desktop computer in 1999 is now on mobile devices, making bus commutes far more entertaining. Believe it or not, this game is actually helping tell a story I'm working on. 

- Speedway gas station and convenience store on Christmas Eve. All the respect in the world to those who have to work during the holidays. Glad I'm fortunate enough to not have to do that anymore, but will never forget what it can be like.

- My ten year old high school bowling shoes after they died while rolling a strike. I was once a more disappointing prospect to my high school's bowling team than Freddy Adu was to American Soccer.

- Clear skies above a Sunoco in Northern Ohio.

- Lake Michigan.

- Harbor Springs, Michigan docks.

- Mim's Mediterranean restaurant in Petoskey, MI.

- US 31-Island Lake Outlet Bridge in Charlevoix, MI.

- Pine River Channel in Charlevoix, MI.

- Douglas Lake Bar.

- People walking across a frozen Burt Lake in Indian River, Michigan.

- Laura standing on Burt Lake.

- Ghost Sign/Fading Advertisement in Petoskey, MI.

- North Perk Coffee in Petoskey, MI.

- Laura and Belle.

- Gaylord, Michigan

QC/D originally launched on October 29, 2007. In the coming fall, this website will turn ten years old. I originally started it in a dorm room while away at Ohio University. A lot has changed since then and I'm working on some cool stuff to preserve and modernize QC/D while continuing to add to it. If you have suggestions/ideas, I'm open to them, just shoot me an email. One of those things will hopefully be migrating the hell away from Google's embarrassingly wretched and never updated "blogger" platform.

In the meantime, some upcoming posts will be:

Continuing to add stories to the Waffle House Project:

If you've read any of these stories, you'll know that this particular location of a roadside staple is incredibly important to me as well as a complex collection of community members. It's time to revisit that and share why this place has such an interesting story to tell.

A very personal story about an abandoned house:

Since the beginning, a staple of this website's features has been the exploration and photographic documentation of abandoned locations. Some of those adventures have touched on personal notes: a few of the abandoned places I explored were businesses or locales that I had been to when they were still active. None of them have hit on the personal accord of this story though: exploring and photographing the now abandoned home that I grew up in. It's a long and complex story to compose, but it's one of the next urbex updates to come.

On the urban exploration front there's also a few other stories in the pipeline...

- From the woods of rural Ohio.
- In the vast reaches of the suburbs.
- And there's one building in particular I'm hoping to see before it disappears entirely.

More on all that later.


  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to what's coming up!

  2. Thanks! It's gonna be a good year. Some new content and refreshing some old stuff.