Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fading Advertisements: Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN

Two quick entires of fading signs in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Both of these signs in this post first appeared in larger stories awhile ago. The first comes from Indianapolis, was seen from Monument Circle and was featured in a story about exploring that city. It's an advertisement for First Indiana Federal Savings Bank. Meanwhile, the sign it may have replaced (or preceded), one for First Federal Savings, can still be seen beneath it.

The financial institution began in 1912, based out of Huntington, Indiana. According to the bank's website, the name was changed to "First Federal Savings and Loan" in 1966. However, it doesn't specify what the name was prior to that or when it changed to the "First Federal Savings Bank" it's known as today. In line with the unmaintained ad, there are no more locations in Indianapolis proper and remaining branches can only be found in Huntington, Warsaw, and Fort Wayne, IN (the Indy locations seem to now be branches of US Bank).

Looking at the sign, it would appear from design of the "First Indiana" logo and its placement, that maybe that name was more recent. However, in other areas, it looks like the Times New Roman font "First Federal Savings" might've been more recent.

If anyone knows for sure which name came first and why this bank left Indy, I'd love to know in the comments below.

The second sign comes from Columbus, Ohio and the photograph first appeared in a story about that city from January 2016.

Reading "Osborne," I'm not sure what the sign once advertised, but Columbus' wonderful North Market building is emblazoned with several old fading advertisements as seen here via Google Street view circa Sept. 2016.

Again, if anyone local knows the story behind "Osborne," I'd love to hear it.

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