Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Yesterday, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus train (reporting mark RBBX) pulled into Cincinnati for the final time. Seen here sitting just north of Union Terminal - it's probably made it up to Sharonville and back down to the riverfront by the time I started typing this. There, it'll begin unloading for a nine day stay before moving on to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and one last show in Rhode Island. With all other dates cancelled after that, this train and another will return to Florida. For better or worse, the circus will close for good after 146 years of operation.  I haven't seen this circus since I was probably ten, nearly 17 years ago. Out of a sense of nostalgia, I'll go see it one more time this weekend.  

Some grainy shots made while waiting for the continuously delayed train to come by: It missed some beautiful light and the sunset by about ten minutes, forcing us to settle for grainy, high ISO quality. Nevertheless, the beginning of the end of an era:

Thanks to Paul for helping me see it today.

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