Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March 2017

Google's "blogger" service and interface are terrible, remnants of 2007. Even a simple QC/D post like these monthly ones take way too much time. Each time I compose one, I feel like I just got done exerting too much effort over the last one. Then I look at these photographs and it's easy to remember just how much can happen in a month, it resets my perception of time. Bockfest feels like it was a year ago rather than a month and over the course of March, I didn't realize I was taking so many pictures of food.

That being said, here are my favorite photographs made in March 2017 that didn't necessarily have a place in a larger article or story. 

Images made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone 7+

- Demolition of the Dennison Building continues.

- Off of Main St.

The photographs directly above and below this text are from March 3, 2017 while I was walking to lunch. At the time, I didn't realize what exactly had happened, but travel by this area regularly, often parking here when I don't take the bus. According to Fox 19: the woman who was standing at the payment booth was killed when two cars collided and ended up in the lot.

- I didn't take this photo, I'm just in it. My friend Linsey took this. She does awesome work. Bockfest was wonderful and I'm grateful to her for documenting it since I was too busy with a megaphone and smoke grenades to do so myself. 

- Downtown Cincinnati.

- Cincinnati alleyway.

- Apt post-it note at The Booksellers on Fountain Square.

- Waffle House dinner one night. 

- Trolleybus on Mehring Way.

- Parkside Cafe, Walnut Hills.

- With the start of soccer season comes the painting of new two-sticks. 

- Gwynn Building, downtown Cincinnati.

- Captain's seat, Cincinnati Streetcar.

- Peruvian food at Sabor Peruano in Fairfield, OH.

- Lunch at Maplewood.

- Seat purchased from the Cincinnati Gardens which is awaiting demolition.

- Die Innenstadt scarf at The Anchor in Covington, KY where you can drown your sorrows in grease after watching your club loose the first match of the season.

- Portrait of a coworker.

A few days late in sending out a newsletter/making the monthly post, was traveling across the Midwest to Pittsburgh and back:

- Pittsburgh, PA on the last day of March.

QC/D Updates this past month:

Stadium Seats and Stories from the Gardens | Picking up some souvenirs from a soon to be demolished and iconic arena calls back to all the times the building was featured here on QC/D.

The Circus Came and Went One Last Time | A look at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus as it came to Cincinnati on its final tour.

Fading Advertisements in Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN | Entries into the ghost sign series from past trips to Ohio and Indiana's capital cities.

The Extraordinary Story of the Cincinnati Comets | One of my favorite stories that I've ever put together for QC/D: the story of a former pro soccer team in the city. Who they were, where they went, and how they once enlisted the help of billionaire Lamar Hunt to try and achieve greater success. Featuring an interview with local radio icon Jim Scott.

From the Archives Part 5: The Emery Theatre | Another entry into the From the Archives series looking at a relatively unknown theatre in the heart of the city.

RBBX | A quick photo update made in anticipation of the aforementioned Ringling Brothers Circus story: a quick photo update made while chasing the circus train into Cincinnati.

Fading Advertisements: Hosiery, a Signature, and Main as a two-way Street? | A recently uncovered fading advertisement in downtown Cincinnati reveals a unique signature and begs the question: was Main St. once two-way?

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