Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

Photographs from the month of April in the year 2017: Pittsburgh, soccer, parking garage views, good food (and randomly disposed of food), dogs, and the city.

- Woke up on the first of April in a Pittsburgh hotel room. Spent some time seeing the city, road tripping back and forth, and ultimately went there with friends and fellow Die Innenstadt members to watch FC Cincinnati play the local Pittsburgh side. 
- Leaving our mark on Pittsburgh.

- Reds' Opening Day came and baseball returned along with an excuse to wear this awesome jacket.

- Cincinnati Museum Center display at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport below its dingy ceiling. 

- Looking for vintage postcards to purchase at Iris.

- Cincinnati streetcar passing by some fading advertisements/ghost signs.

- Patch upgrades to the typical FC Cincinnati kit.

- Lunch at Iris.

 - As FC Cincinnati finally returned home (after renovations to Nippert Stadium were completed), fans were treated to 3 home matches in 8 days. My friend Clare made this awesome two-stick as a tribute to player Andrew Wiedeman and the logo of local Wiedemann's beer.

- 8th Street on a beautiful morning.

- Parking garage views of the "Big Mac" Bridge.

- Probably the best smoke break spot in the city.

- Parking garage views.

- Parking garage views.

- Parking garage views.

- The Dennison Hotel Building's demise slowly continues.

- St. Xavier Church and skyline.

- Mazunte on Madison.

- I turned 28 and got awesome Lego cupcakes as well as a new space pen from my lovely girlfriend.

- Spent my birthday cycling around the city and taking time at various spots to do some writing.

- FC Cincinnati at Nippert Stadiium.

- This "vintage" lamppost is totally fooling everyone into thinking that this is "Main Street, USA" and not some sprawl grocery store's parking lot.

- Sometimes you get off the bus, walk to your door, and something feels off. Occasionally, it's a peanut, butter, and jelly sandwich that someone stashed under your doormat.

- Oakley Pup Crawl with beautiful Laura and adorable Bruce.

QC/D Updates this past month:

Still playing catchup on a lot of things, but making good progress while also preparing for new stories. Always questioning the direction of this website and what to do with it.

[Suburbia Lost] Burger King - Buckeye Lake, OH | The residents of this vacation town need not fear, there's still an open BK nearby.

[Suburbia Lost] Sam's Club/Consumer Square - Reynoldsburg, OH | On the eastern edge of Greater Columbus, Big Box retail has died.

From the Archives Part 9: Brown County, OH | A series of photographs made while traveling through Brown County in 2014. Aunt Jemima's grave, rural abandonment, and country roads.

From the Archives Part 8: The Lake Drive-In Theatre | The Cincinnati area still has two active drive-in movie theaters, but once had many more. This was once one of them.

From the Archives Part 7: Indiana & Ohio Railroad Cars | Back in 2009 I photographed a rail line's abandoned vehicles, now that same rail line keeps me up at night.

From the Archives Part 6: Nelsonville/York SchoolIn far Eastern Ohio, an abandoned school that was over a century old may soon see revitalization.

Traffic Clogged, Surrounded by Sprawl, yet Still Existing | In the midst of suburban development and on a road with everything from Starbucks to trailer parks, this rural house sits quietly and abandoned.

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