Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cincinnati North Hotel Demolition From Above

Yesterday I published an article about the demolition of the Cincinnati North Hotel, a massive 10-story abandoned hotel in suburban Cincinnati that was also formerly a Best Western, Ramada, and Sheraton. We first explored this place in its abandoned state a few years ago, checking it out from top to bottom while an oblivious guard sat in a car out front. I hadn't seen the roof since that night, until today. My friend Jason sent in these photos he made over the past weekend from his drone. These awesome images document an "iconic eyesore" of the suburban landscape from a unique perspective. From the feedback of yesterday's article, it seems the hotel is all rubble as of today, with the site beginning to be cleared.

To see more of Jason's awesome drone work, follow him on Twitter: @JClishe. All photo credit in this particular post goes to him and his flying skills.

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  1. WOW!! How much does a drone cost? Fantastic pictures.

  2. Thank you, for allowing me to see up close. I have great interest and being a part of the next phase of opportunities, to help rebuild the city of Springdale. We will flourish and become GREAT again. It's a new season and the time is NOW.
    I was in attendance at the city counsel meeting, on October 4th.