Friday, June 2, 2017

May 2017

Favorite photographs made in May 2017: The city, a reborn amusement park, FCC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and parking lot carnivals. Images made with a Canon 7DMKII, Canon 60D, and iPhone 7+. 

- Somewhere downtown.

- Government Square and Federal Courthouse.

- Brunch at Coppin's in Hotel Covington.

- Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville.

In early May I went down to Louisville to visit Kentucky Kingdom. The former Six Flags amusement park was closed from 2010 to 2013. It was the subject of a QC/D story when I had permission to visit the park in its closed/abandoned state. I spent nearly a whole day there and shot a lot of photos for an upcoming story about how this park has survived and thrived, something I never thought possible. It was also the first time I've been to an amusement park as a guest and not an employee of the industry since 2004: a surreal experience. Glad it's reopened and the photos should make for a good two-part story.

- Abandoned truck, decaying sign, Pendleton, KY.

- Piatt Park in Cincinnati as seen from the downtown library.

- A skeptical schnauzer who did not enjoy sitting on the deck as I finished writing a four part road trip series.

- Testing out hand painted flags in The Bailey as we set up for a match that evening.

- Die Innenstadt supports a charity which benefits Withrow High School's soccer team, a side made up of several refugees.

- Stay Golden.

- Sunrise in Oakley.

- Imitation streetcar vehicle as seen from within a real one.

- The death of the Dennison Building continues.

- Red Hot Chili Peppers at US Bank Arena on May 19th. Third time seeing them live and just as wonderful as the last two shows.

- FCC rain delay.

On May 20th, FC Cincinnati faced Bethlehem Steel. Lightning forced a rain delay as the match headed for stoppage time with FCC up 1-0. Several of us waited out the storm ultimately to have the game called and our team declared victorious. During the delay, which lasted longer than the match itself, the club treated us to brats, chicken wings, and beer.

- Walnut St. by Aronoff Center.

- Ballpark crowds.

- Where the tracks end in Terre Haute, Indiana.

- Favorite photograph I've made in a long time. Parking lot carnival in Terre Haute, Indiana. Described by one local as "Dirty Fest," and "The Start of Summer" by another. I preferred the latter.
- FC Cincinnati defeats Louisville City FC as The Bailey sings on May 31.

QC/D Updates this past month:

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To the City of Bridges and Back - Chapter 2: Rain, Art, and Soccer in Pittsburgh | A rainy day in Pittsburgh leads to exploration of art, gas station food, a conflict kitchen, and watching FC Cincinnati win.

To the City of Bridges and Back - Chapter 1: To This Place God Has Brought Me | A road trip kicks off through Zanesville, Ohio with local food and a sculpture studio before figuring out whether or not a singing statute of Perry Como actually sings. 

Lament of the Forest Park Restaurant | A little know, iconic Cincinnati area restaurant closes its doors. Its classic interior, some memories, and good conversation.

Cincinnati North Hotel Demolition From Above | After publishing a story on the demolition of the Cincinnati North Hotel, QC/D contributor Jason Clishe returns to the site with his drone above him.

Fading Advertisements: Richmond, VA | Just a quick note that I saw some ghost signs in Richmond once.

Fading Advertisements: Wheeling, WV | Like fading ads/ghost signs? Then Wheeling is your Disneyland.

Fading Advertisements: Pittsburgh, PA | A look at several Pittsburgh ghost signs.

Fading Advertisements: Zanesville, OH | Only one ghost sign found in Zanesville, but the typeface is awesome.

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