Monday, July 24, 2017

Around the Neighborhood

A quick photo series made while cycling around the neighborhood the other night.

Oakley has a lot more character than West Chester, where I lived for a little over a year previously. There's a lot of industrial scenes mixed in with a walkable neighborhood that backs up to a brand new eyesore of a development separated by trains that have been haunting me for years.

Some quick shots made while out for a bike ride the other night, using a lens that I haven't touched in some time. Chasing evening light like the kind I found in this area at the abandoned drive-in ten years ago.


  1. I would be scared to death to be cycling around there by myself at some of those places...

    1. Uh, which ones? None of those areas are particularly or remotely rough.

  2. Lol yeah, it's all Oakley, nothing scary about any of it.