Monday, July 31, 2017

[Fading Advertisements] Another Sign Near The Dennison Hotel Building?

With the recent and controversial demolition of the former Dennison Hotel, a building once known for its recognizable fading advertisements, has another ghost sign been revealed?

- When it was still standing, The Dennsion featured some of the city's most recognizable fading advertisements.

When it was still standing, The Dennison Hotel had some of the city’s most iconic fading advertisements/ghost signs. I always liked how “the” was stylized as to say “THE Dennison Hotel,” like if it was some well known, high end lodging establishment. To be fair, it probably was a nice place for a time before becoming more of a flophouse. The other highlight of the signs was the touting of 105 rooms, but only 60 bathrooms. What once would’ve been considered a nice feature, was definitely not the norm for hotel when The Dennison closed in the modern era. The historic building, designed by famed architect Samuel Hannaford, originally served as the headquarters for a company that manufactured carriage parts. Its recent demolition has been a source of controversy and as of this writing, it’s mostly gone except for a “party wall” that was discovered as things were coming down. Until a plan is determined on how to stabilize the nearby buildings that also use this shared wall, The Dennison site is in limbo. However, what little does remain may have exposed another fading advertisement that was lost to time when the hotel was originally constructed in the 1890s. There’s no detail or words left, but there is peeling paint that clearly remains in a square section. Was it just wallpaper or maybe once another fading advertisement?

- The Dennison site as seen in the summer of 2017.


  1. I wondered if there might be something under all that. But I'd also guess if there were, it would have been been better preserved.

    1. That's what I was thinking too, but maybe if moisture was able to get down in there, it's what caused the paint to peel. Feels odd that it's such a perfect square.