Thursday, August 17, 2017

Abandoned Dentist Office

I hate to admit it, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the dentist. In fact, the last oral care office I visited was abandoned: no doctor, no box of cheap toys to take as a prize from for having no cavities. A friend of mine working on a nearby project showed me this place.

Pastel colored walls, 90s office equipment now considered “vintage,” a microwave, and one remaining dental chair. What looked like a tiny practice probably saw no shortage of patients who sat in that chair and then rinsed in the adjoining, out-of-place looking sink.


  1. Hey, Ronny- This is my dad's old office. This is the third time I've seen his office in a 'what has become of old spaces' type situation recently. Why is there so much interest in this particular space? He was there from around 1958 to 1979. And the restaurant underneath is pretty interesting, I think. It's an old bank. You can even have lunch in the Vault. You and my husband have been in contact about the old rail lines in Clermont Co. Small world, huh?

    1. Andrea, that's awesome! A small world indeed. I was actually checking out that restaurant/coffee shop when a friend stopped by and took me upstairs. I'd never seen an "abandoned" dentist office before.