Monday, September 25, 2017

QC/D on Good Seats Still Available

I've got a regular rotation of podcasts I listen to, but lately I've been addicted to one in particular: Good Seats Still Available. Host Tim Hanlon dives into a lifelong fascination with "what used to be in professional sports." Since launching the show in March 2017, he and his guests have covered sagas about forgotten teams like the California Gold Seals, sports icons like Lamar Hunt, and defunct leagues such as the North American Soccer League and United States Football League. Last week, I was honored to be one of Tim's guests, getting to discuss the former Cincinnati Comets with him and the current state of soccer in the Queen City.

The Comets lasted four seasons in the fledgling American Soccer League, winning a championship in their first year. What followed was drama, the intervention of a radio host, the chance to go big time, and the ultimate disappearance of the original soccer team to play at Nippert Stadium. I wrote an article about the squad back in March and got to interview local radio icon Jim Scott, who was heavily involved with the team and league.

To listen to my interview with Tim, visit his website, subscribe on iTunes, or check out Good Seats Available wherever you get your podcasts. I can't recommend Tim's work enough, his show is excellent, informative, entertaining, and addicting.

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