Friday, November 10, 2017

Gwynne Building Details

The historic Gwynne Building in Cincinnati's Central Business District isn't lacking in ornamental details, but there's six specifically that caught my eye while waiting for the train the other night. They adorn the smaller section of the building next to the main tower.

- Rain pouring on flowers.

- A flame?

- Tree.

In addition to the nature icons, there's three depicting industry:

- Broadcast tower/antenna.

- Ocean liners.
- Train.

You won't find any ocean liners departing Cincinnati via the Ohio River and the trains found in the Queen City don't look as Art-Deco as the one depicted above. Aside from the thrice-weekly Amtrak Cardinal, the only other trains carrying passengers around here are right in front of this building:


  1. thanks for sharing! i worked from gywnne for several years and when renovating our office space we got some great stories from some of the building managers. near some of the windows you'll see "V's" made of metal. the Vanderbilt (yes, that Vanderbilt) and Gwynne families were friends an co-developers of the building way back when. i love this stuff!

    1. Love that fact! There’s so many great little details around this building. Hoping to do a story on the full scope soon. Thanks for reading!