Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 2017

Photographs made over the past month that didn't have a place in other stories. Images made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone 7+. Also, a recap of stories from the past month.

Some interesting notes about October:
  • QC/D turned ten years old. 
  • I used to author this site under the pseudonym "Gordon Bombay," the same name of Emilio Estevez's character in "The Mighty Ducks" trilogy. I met Emilio Estevez this month at a bar

- Replaced my dead wide-angle lens with a new one. Needed to test it. Used my gas station lunch.

- Art on the side of Brazee St. Studios in Oakely

- Ephemeral is made of recycled paper by Cindy Briggs.

- Cincinnati: city of surface parking lots.

- My friend Jeremy and his daughter when Die Innenstadt cheered on Withrow High School's soccer team one evening.

- Fog enveloping the Mt. Adams pedestrian bridge.

- On the top parking level of Encore, the building that changes color.

- I have two of the best friends in the world and they have an awesome child, even if he hates posing for photos.

- Hamilton County Courthouse, evening light.

- The Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati.

- Downtown Cincinnati in evening light.

- Last day of sun before it got cold for a minute.

- The Oakley Madisonville neighborhood of Cincinnati (thanks, Candice).

- The backstage areas of the illustrious Rookwood Commons Shopping Center.

- Street art in Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine neighborhood.

The stories from October 2017:

Blue Jacket - A closed outdoor amphitheater near Xenia, Ohio used to be the home of an outdoor drama until it shut down and had a date with the wrecking ball.

The Return of Schwartz's Point - Years ago, as a City Beat intern, I photographed a little known, hidden jazz club in Cincinnati. Its eclectic owner passed away and the club closed. Now, his daughter has brought a great place back to life.

[Fading Advertisements] Forgotten Frisch's - An old Frisch's Big Boy sign is uncovered in Downtown Cincinnati and leads to one of the site's most popular stories.

Blink - This new Cincinnati festival brought lights to the city as well as thousands of people and clogged traffic. Was it any good?

The Queen City Discovery 10th Anniversary Special - QC/D turned a decade old. A clip show of sorts looking back at some of the most popular articles, my personal favorites, and where the site is headed in the future. 

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