Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Major League Soccer Expansion Decision Looms...

- Image via Tour De Cincinnati.

...and I plan to support FC Cincinnati, and (more importantly) this city, regardless of the outcome.

Back in 2012, I wrote a QC/D piece speculating whether or not Major League Soccer could come to and subsequently work in Cincinnati. Then, the consensus seemed to be: "yeah, it'd be cool, but it's not gonna happen."

How things have changed.

Soon, very soon, we're going to know whether or not Major League Soccer will accept FC Cincinnati of the United Soccer League as an expansion franchise. Since FCC was announced in 2015, a lot has happened from record breaking attendances to ESPN worthy moments. I'm lucky enough to have been involved with the independent supporters group known as Die Innenstadt since the start. As the expansion decision looms, I wanted to take a few moments to get out some words about where I stand. Regardless of the decision, I plan to be a fan and vocal supporter of not just the club, but our city. I want to see our group continue its charity efforts and continue its support of our home as well as the local team, no matter what league they're in.

If you wish to read that editorial, check out the latest post on Die Innenstadt's site.

Update | August 2, 2018:

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