Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018

Photographs made in January 2018 that didn't necessarily fir into a larger story or post. Shot a lot for stories published recently, so not a whole lot of "one off" images. Despite having a new phone, I haven't been shooting nearly as much as I thought I would be with it.

Recap of this month's stories at the end of the post.

Images made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone X.

- Ohio/West Virginia border.

- OTR and Mt. Auburn neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

- Graffiti stencil of Bart Simpson using graffiti. 

- Downtown Cincinnati skyline.

- Morning light at home.

- Ready for these scenes to be over with for another year.

- Saw Creed Bratton of The Office performing in Covington.

- Creed Bratton is fantastic.

- Las Vegas airport tram.

- Outdated Vegas casino tram while everyone holds on.

- Laura in Death Valley, CA.

- 7th. St. Cincinnati.

- On days where I don't take the bus or bike, I use this garage and it's always awash in nice light when leaving work. 

Spent a lot of time traveling in December and January, so most of the posts this past month were from being out of town. On my flight to Vegas, I spent a lot of time writing QC/D stories. Hoping to return to some Cincy-centric stuff soon.

QC/D Updates this past month:

Light Chasing, Sunday 1/14/18 | During a rare glimpse of sunlight during this past month, I took the opportunity to go out in freezing temperatures and make some photographs around town.

Charleston, The Greenbrier Resort, and a Secret Cold War Bunker for Congress | For New Year's, my partner Laura and I headed to Charleston, WV and to stay at the Greenbrier Resort. A resort that happens to let you tour their once secret bunker built to house Congress in a nuclear war.

The Peculiar (and Abandoned) Pedestrian Walkways of Charleston, West Virginia | Out of all the cities I've been to, I've never seen pedestrian paths or skywalks quite like the ones in this story. They also happen to be abandoned.

Abandoned School - Boston, IN |  A quick urbex post looking from the outside in at a beautiful school building in rural Indiana.

[Fading Advertisements] Indiana Stamp - Fort Wayne, IN| A unique ghost sign that also offers a look at how it appeared before it was fading away.

Las Vegas | I visited this city for the first time. A few observations, quick stories, and photographs made while taking in an interesting place.

Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, and Hoover Dam | A day long road trip with photographs made in three locales.

The "Ghost Town" of Amargosa | A town that's seemingly abandoned still holds some unique signs of life such as an art gallery and opera house once run by a passionate performer.

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