Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mural on the Side of the Know Theatre

Stopped to see this up close the other day. The Know Theatre has always been a canvas for murals, but I didn't realize the one on the building's south side had changed to this. Apparently it was done by The Lodge for the 2016 Fringe Festival. Despite being in the area all the time, I never really caught sight of it. Thanks to Renee for pointing it out. It's now one of my favorites in the city.

I like the seemingly absurd elements combined with local icons. I enjoy the implied motion, the depth effects, the way this mural feels like it's moving around even if the paint is static. The reveal of the robot skull beneath Cincinnatius' face reminds me of the awesome 1988 movie "They Live." Not sure why there's a cat, but I appreciate the 90's era Mr. Red and the flaming Bengals football that seems like something out of a notebook scribble.

There's also all these great little details throughout...

- A take on the statue of Cincinnatus that's seen in Sawyer Point.

- Eden Park Stand Pipe.

- The Rose Window of Music Hall.

- The clock from Union Terminal.

- Union Terminal itself as a UFO.

- Manicule pointing to the theatre's entrance.

Bob pointed this out while we were taking in the mural one afternoon. The eyeballs above transform into spaceships/UFOs...

...and then into stars:

In the parking lot between Jackson and Walnut St., adjacent to the Know Theatre.

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