Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March 2018

Photographs made in February 2018 that didn’t necessarily fit into a larger story and were posted three days late. Frames made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone X.

A recap of posts from the month at the end. 

This truck got stuck pulling out of the Aronoff loading docks that are hidden behind these buildings on Main St. How it appeared from the air:

Bockfest and FC Cincinnati came back:

- Die Innenstadt at Bockfest.

I need to go have lunch or dinner at Scotti's again and ask about this interesting artwork on the back of their building. Thanks for letting me know about this, Ken:

- Mosaic in alleyway.

I appreciated the above fortune cookie from my local Chinese takeout place, coincidentally, I'm working on a new book:

- Chapter 10, revision No. 1 at The Madison Diner.

- Dayton's Victoria Theatre.

- Former fighter pilot/test pilot/astronaut, Commander Terry Virts, discussing his photography and observations of Earth made while serving aboard the International Space Station. Thanks for the tickets, Dad!

- Alex's dog, Pippa, at Rhinehaus.

- Downtown steam pipes.

The St. Louis Catholic Church seen above is a gorgeous structure in Downtown Cincinnati. Right next to it sits the URS Tower, where a section of the building lacks windows. No doubt that section is where an attached building or parking garage would've gone/could've gone/was going to go if the church wasn't there.

- Friday evening in Downtown.

- Friday evening in Downtown.

- Streetcar rolling by the former Dennison Building spot.

- Photograph made on the second official day of Spring. The weather still isn't much better.

- Main St. alleyway.

- I'll never get tired of seeing the Streetcar in the city.

- Portrait of Bob.

- Gallery OTR owner, Mark Byron, showing how the artwork of Steve Casino (the "painter of nuts") compares to its inspiration. 

- Pendleton steps.

- Now called the Columbia Plaza, formerly the Chiquita Center.

- Streetcar operator on Reds Opening Day.

- Indianapolis.

- Catching the Boys in Blue and Orange on the road with 1,000+ other traveling Cincy fans.

QC/D Updates this past month:

March provided some of the most interesting (and most popular) stories on QC/D yet. 

An Urban Geyser in Pleasant Ridge | Went to a nearby neighborhood to see an odd site: water gushing out of the ground and 40 ft. into the air.

Goodbye to The Gardens | I had the opportunity to go into the historic Cincinnati Gardens one last time and as it was being demolished. These photographs have already become the 5th most viewed in QC/D's 10+ year history.

The Terrace Plaza | A story told in three parts that looks at an incredible structure hidden within Downtown Cincinnati. There's some amazing history here as well as potential.

Mural on the Side of the Know Theatre |  Some quick photographs of a mural I love seeing.

[Fading Advertisements] "The Other Place," From a Different View | A fading ad/ghost sign that appeared in the book, but this time seen from a different perspective.


  1. Hi Ronny!

    #1 ~ Victoria Theatre in Dayton is awesome. I saw Gordon Lightfoot there last year. However, an observation: the seats are really small compared to newer venues. But, way cool renovated theatre.

    #2 ~ The Indy photo ~ Is that the Biergarten at the Rathskeller? Been there, too. The Rathskeller is awesome, too.

    1. Hey Susan! Yeah, those seats are a bit tiny for sure! Also pretty tough on the back. ANd yes, that's the Rathskeller! Loved the place.