Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hawaii 3

Laura found a family run parrot sanctuary that was kind enough to give us a tour of their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Parrots are friendlier and more trustworthy than most birds (Canadian geese aka sky rats) I’ve dealt with over the years. We went to a seahorse farm and walked around tourist town. The Kona International Airport is like a waterpark from the early 90’s: outdoors, damp, inefficient, and featuring overpriced food alongside questionable restrooms. The Honolulu Airport is more like a regular airport and less like a Saved By The Bell “spring break season” episode setting. At the Disney resort, I drank local beer and watched FC Cincinnati from my iPhone. The resort beer cost the same as a brew in the stadium, though, so it was just like being at the match.

Every local I’ve talked to has complained about the humidity. The weather, though, is comparatively wonderful if you’ve ever spent a July in the Midwest.

Time to go look for WW2 relics.


  1. Despite never having been to one, I now know exactly what a '90s waterpark was like, which naturally leads to me not regretting never having been to one.

    1. haha! I haven't been to a water park in a long time and can't say I have any desire to go swimming in chemical water with large groups of people anytime soon, but I do hold a certain nostalgia for the water parks of when I was a kid.