Monday, September 3, 2018

August 2018

Favorite photographs made in August 2018 that didn't have a place in a larger story. Recap of posts from the month at the end.

- Downtown parking garage.

- A Bay Horse at the Bay Horse Cafe.

- Four Little Kings in a schooner is known as an "ironic."

Was enjoying an evening at The Bay Horse Cafe after my final day at a previous job when this guy walked in with a bunch of bags. My coworker overheard him speaking German and knowing the language himself, struck up a conversation. We invited him to come have a drink with us. Several beers later and we brought our new German friend out for burgers, more drinks at Palm Court, and a walk around Fountain Square during Salsa Night. Timo was passing through Cincinnati, awaiting a flight to Iceland that night. He had caught a bus from the airport to Downtown and was exploring, walking into The Bay Horse when he found the iconic neon sign. I told him about our FC Cincinnati supporters group, Die Innenstadt, and sent him off with one of our scarves. We had a blast getting to know this guy and showing him our home. Thanks for stopping in, Timo!

- My best friend with his awesome kid.

- Quick shots of Skyline Chili will always get more likes on Instagram than carefully curated collections of artfully created photographs.

- Apt sidewalk chalk on a rainy day at Findlay Market.

- Had some photographs go on display in my local coffee shop.

- Nippert Stadium.

- My friend Matt and I biked 36 miles from our neighborhood, to Loveland, and then back.

- Oakley sunrise 1.

- Oakley sunrise 2.

- Paper boat in Eden Park's Mirror Lake.

- Apparently the new 13th Street Alley's philly cheesesteak isn't "authentic," but it's damn good.

- This church in OTR has a hand atop it, just waiting for a foam "Go Reds" finger.

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by Major League Soccer after they came across this website and read some of my stories about soccer in the city. You can catch the video and interview here.

QC/D Updates This Past Month:

Major League Soccer in Cincinnati! | A followup to my 2012 post where I asked if MLS would ever come to Cincinnati. Back then we all thought: "no." Then, it happened. 

Alleyway Art Gallery | A quick frames post exploring some Northside street art.

The Cincy Shirts Podcast | Had the honor of being interviewed and featured on the Cincy Shirts Podcast. Listen as we discuss dying shopping malls, abandoned buildings, and minor league sports teams. Great people, even better shirts. 

San Diego | Went to California for the second time, but the first time spending any substantial amount of time there.

Pizza Propaganda Pinball | Eating pizza, trying to find an appreciation for pinball.

Secret Garden | Exploring an abandoned house in my neighborhood.

A Journey To Remnants of the Second World War: The Pu'o'ohulu Kai Hike | While on vacation in Hawaii, exploring some abandoned bunkers built to defend against the Japanese.