Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Walk Along The Oasis Line

About a week after stumbling into an update on the abandoned Torrence Rd. Station, I found myself once again along the “Oasis Line.” This set of tracks running above and along the Ohio River from Downtown Cincinnati to points Eastward would pass as a stereotypical subway/commuter line in a city with some sort of progressive vision.

The line winds among houses and neighborhoods, but usually sits quiet. Aside from an infrequent freight delivery or the occasional excursion train, these tracks are rarely used (adios, circus train). I came across some old stone steps and then followed those to the tracks below, walking among the rusted railroad ruins. There was a local park along the way, a chain meant to block the entry of cars laying in the road. I’m not sure if the recreation grounds are still in use or if they’ve just been forgotten about. The photographs I made aren’t particularly interesting or composed any better than that of a kid in high school just starting out in the image making medium (ohhhhhhhh, don’t the tracks going off into the distance say a lot about ourselves‽), but it was a nice way to kill some time.


  1. I grew up in that area! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. Good follow up to the Torrence Station piece. The Oasis right of way deserves preservation/restoration/rebuilding. As an amateur historian and a wanna-be city planner, to help build consensus for future use, I suggest further explanation of structures photographed. Like the Linwood pedestrian overpass you photographed that children used to get to the former Linwood Elementary school.

    Suggestion: Consider also the homes on Gladstone Street which, I am told, were used by Pennsylvania railroad for overnight employees to get to their work on the railroad. There's much more but as long as there's "time to kill," it's worth the time to walk - if not document and photograph.


    1. One of the more interesting ideas I've heard kicked around is a way to preserve it as a transit right-of-way: remove the rails, pave it over, and make it a "busway" ala Pittsburgh.

  3. I just had a flashback to the movie Stand By Me when the kids are crossing the railroad bridge. TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!