Sunday, May 5, 2019

March - May 2019

Photographs made between the end of March 2019 and the beginning of May 2019 that didn't have a place in a larger story or post.

- 12th St.

- 12th St.

- The Imperial Theatre with its marquee featuring a poetic installation by @Sydney.Rains.

- Opening Day Parade on Race St.

- Mr. Red riding by.

- Premiere of The Public at the Taft Theatre.

- Less Than Jake at Topcats like it's 2002.

- Nick Offerman* at The Taft Theatre.

*who is nothing like his Parks & Rec character and watching people realize that is almost as funny as the show itself.

- The Root Beer Stand, Sharonville. 

- Nippert on a nasty night.

- Art by @martiancodeart of Brooklyn, NY as seen in OTR.

- Bricks stored behind Findlay Market. 

- Findlay Market. Story.

- Blessed be the Beats by Dre. Sticker by @technique2012.

- Coffee and editing.

- Springdale.

- Nana explaining family photos to my Dad and I.

- William Henry Harrison statue in Downtown Cincinnati.

-Isaac M. Wise Temple as seen from Watts Alley.

- Did a story for Cincinnati Refined on Downtown Cincinnati's Sunshine Deli.

- Vine St. car dealership.

- Columbus, OH.


  1. That CBus shot must be from OSU West Campus aka the agriculture campus part?

    1. That's the spot! Such an interesting area—appears rural, but in a quick second you're back in suburbia on one side, the city on the other.