Monday, July 29, 2019

May - July 2019

Photographs made between the end of May 2019 and the end of July 2019 that didn't have a place in a larger story or post.

Above and below: Discarded parking meters stored in a city parking garage, victims of the conversion to credit cards.

- Obey Giant on a sign encouraging cyclists to heed caution. 

Above and below: this particular OTR building always looks good in the setting sun.

Doesn't look bad at night either:

- Cincinnati's Brighton neighborhood encourages you to be nice. 

- The Bailey.

- Another match, another march, another season.

When I first started this website, I used to author posts under the pseudonym “Gordon Bombay” (Emilio Estevez’s character in The Mighty Ducks trilogy). He sent me this when I recently turned 30:

In Early May, I went to Havana, Cuba. It's taken me awhile to finish writing about that experience (and edit the photos no thanks to a long and drawn out fight with Adobe over their software and technical “help”):

- Havana, Cuba, May 2019.

Hopefully I'll have it wrapped up soon. Corn dogs and High Life help while editing, though:

The US Men’s National Team played in Cincinnati for the first time. They also played rather poorly. However, all the Venezuelan fans in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves and I got to watch their team rack up three impressive goals while the Americans puttered around. Not a bad day.

P.S. The US Women's Team drew more people back in 2017.

- Bachelor party carried by the streetcar. The groom at the center was mentioned here and here.

- Portrait of “Bolo Jay” who we met at MOTR.

- Benny the Beagle. 

- Ryan.

- Travel Inn Motel doing its best Florida Project impression.

I wrote about the structure seen below back in 2016. I'm still enamored with its design and all of its interesting details. Here's a bunch of random shots because this parking garage and its environs are fascinating.

Next two shots: 8th St.

And finally, Jesus at Delicias Supermercado E Taqueria:

Back on the road with some regularity (and more film) soon. Till then: other regular QC/D posts on the way, bummed that Summer is almost over.

I've been reading some really awesome work by Dale Brumfield. Check this stuff out:
- His tales of working maintenance in an amusement park.
- His story of “Lawn Chair Larry.”
- This beautiful tribute to his father.
- Dale's latest book, "Bad Day at the Amusement Park,"comes out in paperback around Sept. 1.


  1. Thank you for the links and kind comments, Ronny. Note my novel "Bad Day at the Amusement Park" is coming around Sept. 1. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, Dale!

      Added "Bad Day" to the list. Can't wait to read!