Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Salisbury Beach, MA

A nice little spot near the northern end of Massachusetts where the wind blows in off the Atlantic and summer still feels alive despite the date on the calendar. A place where the corn dogs are delicious, the pizza sauce sticks in the back of your throat, and the wooden tables are sticky from a day's worth of dripping ice cream cones. Via limited time spent there, the Salisbury Beach Boardwalk feels like an honest spot despite the encroachment of nearby condos. It's where the din of people and the hollow rolling of Skee-Balls compete for equal attention against the local cover band belting out "Freebird."

The go-kart proprietor enforces the rules with an iron fist. A few laps and you're done.

- Joe's Playland North.

- Jilly's Pizza.

- Happy's Fried Dough.

- German fries and corn dogs.

- Joe's Playland North.

- Star Search Music Videos.

- Condo encroachment.

- Tripoli Pizza and Joe's Playland North.

- Joe's Playland South.

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