Sunday, December 22, 2019

[35mm Ohio] Final Roll of Film For 2019

I started shooting film again in 2018, but things really picked up this year. To date, I’ve traveled ~5,889.9 miles in my car and friends' cars (along with countless miles walked/biked) while running around the state for various things—shooting along the way when I can make time.

- The map I've been using. 

[] Yellow = Places I've photographed that have been featured in the project so far
[] Red = Points to check out sourced via 
[] Green = Things I've seen before/came across/could be interesting to go back to at some point
[] Blue = Points to check out sourced via
[] Black = Points to check out sourced via social media
[] Teal = Points to check out sourced via my friend Travis

The plan for 2020 is to have a regular go-to setup that I can have a bit more confidence in (translation: less anxiety while waiting for the lab to develop) and travels easier. I repaired the Pentax K1000, am pretty sure the Polaroid works, and I just need to decide between the Canon or Olympus automatic.

The Canon has a more unique/"90s summer vacation" look to its images, but less quality compared to the Olympus (as you'll see below).

Probably sticking with various Kodak films from here on out (unless anyone has some recommendations).

- Film loadout going forward: Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, Pentax K-1000 and two lenses, Canon AF35MMII.

And if I can figure it out, I'd like to get some 120 film and give this vintage thing a try:

So we’ll see where 2020 goes. Overall, shooting film has been a nice change of pace and a refresh of personal creativity. Very much looking forward to traveling, warmer weather, and wrapping up the 35mm Ohio project (which now includes Polaroid, so I guess I need a real name for this) in whatever form it takes.

Speaking of which, as I start culling through images in the new year: are there any particular favorites you've seen in the series (or something you hate)? If so, let me know: it'd be good to get some feedback.

Below is the last roll I had developed for 2019, used on various trips over the last few months.

PS: Shout out to The Darkroom in San Clemente for always being awesome.

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 with Kodak Ultramax 400:

Above and below: a graveyard in the parking lot of a movie theatre in Middleburg Heights.

Above and below: a bowling alley in Brook Park. When I originally saw it on, it had a different paint scheme more fitting to the Mid-Century Modern architecture of the building. Now it's a bit too... red.

- Stardust Motel sign, Rt. 49 in Greeneville.

Above: the cemetery where Annie Oakley and Frank Butler are buried in Versailles, Ohio.

Below: an attempt to document the mementos and bullet casings left on Oakley's tombstone. Unfortunately, the camera didn't work. Guess I'm swinging back by at some point if I ever find myself near there.

- Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Celina.

- Plaza Bowling Lanes sign, Celina.
- Bus stop/evidence behind a law office in Lima that ironically is advertising for another law office around the corner. 

- A.J. aka "The Mexabilly Gangster" who we met in Bryan on our NW Ohio excursion.

- C.F. Payne Mural, Cincinnati.

Bellow may be favorite place of all time to grab coffee and work—a classic diner repurposed into a modern coffee shop in Cleveland Heights:

I got the below Blue Jackets car flag when the team was handing them out before a game. I put it on my car the next day and after one 25 minute commute, it was tattered. This was how it looked after a trip from Cincinnati to Cleveland a week later.

On the way home, it mysteriously disappeared without leaving a trace on my car or its windows. Somewhere along I-71, it's resting. Or, some delinquent fan of a rival team snagged it at a rest stop. Either way, the day it disappeared, the Coats lost to the Penguins.

I just snapped a photograph of the below building, I did not attend any performances:

- Strip club signage, Mansfield. 

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  1. I see a familiar motel sign from my days up north when I lived in that community- the Stardust Motel. Big question, did you have a "Maid Rite" while in town?

    1. So we actually swung by there on a different trip, but they weren't yet open for the day by the time we got into town.