Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Views of Cincinnati] "Landmarks & Long Skies" + A Walk in the West End


On the city's west side, weeds and grass frame the skyline ahead, remnants of a vacant lot surrounded by the neighborhood. The lot has yet to be developed and is a stark contrast of urban wilderness amongst the dense Italianate row houses. The nearby laughter of children, voices of residents and sound of firecrackers saved from the Fourth of July echoe the activity of a neighborhood once decimated by a highway - rising again.

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My awesome friends Dave and Priya were kind enough to have me over and show me the view they get every day from their doorstep. Dave and I took a walk through the West End after making the above frame. Often overlooked by those passing by on the highway that once nearly destroyed it, the West End neighborhood is still alive, well, gritty and beautiful.




- Plaque in front of Union Terminal that marks the location of the Reds' original ballpark. Not Crosley Field or Palace of the Fans, but Union Park.

- East side love God's love is living on the West End.


- The West End, home to Cincinnati's original casino? Anyone know the story of this building?

Special thanks to Dave and Priya for always having been great friends and to Dave for naming the photograph!


  1. I think it was a theater named Casino, not a casino itself. It was later renamed The Regal Theater. I googled it and had to dig through a bunch of crap on the new casino, but i found this link.

  2. Love the post on my oft-overlooked 'hood!

    Dixon Edwards, former Cincinnatian and NFL player, owns the theatre (well, his random real estate biz does). He was supposed to rehab it a few years ago when City West was up and coming, but alas, nothing. If you look it up on there are some good pictures over time in the comments.