Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Views of Cincinnati] #56 - 58 Ballpark Views


Three frames made at Great American Ballpark.

I parked at Sawyer Point, grabbed my camera bag and started walking down Pete Rose Way. I used a nearby parking garage's elevator to get to the main ballpark level and then an escalator to get to the East ticket window. I purchased an outer view level ticket for $7 and entered the stadium, letting the security attendant inspect my camera bag - something I don't usually bring to the ballpark. I spent $5 at the "dollar stand" on three hot dogs, a small bag of peanuts and a cup of lemonade. I ignored the seating assignment on my ticket and picked a spot where I could enjoy my dinner and look down from the nosebleeds. I just wanted to be alone, make some photographs and enjoy some baseball.

#56 - Ballpark Stairwell

IMG_6020 copyEDIT post

Unlike his usual self, Broson Arroyo gave up four runs and five hits in the first inning. I watched a few more innings and then ventured around the stadium down the South stairwell. I grabbed a seat in the top corner of the moon deck.

#57 - Bronson Arroyo Strikes out Justin Upton

IMG_6036EDIT Post

Arroyo began throwing some strikes, the novelty "power stacks" shot flames up to signify his improvement in pitching as he put down the Arizona Diamondbacks' Justin Upton. Alfredo Simon soon replaced Arroyo as I made my way to the bleachers.

#58 - Bleachers, Section 401

IMG_6083EDIT post

The sun went down, cutting its last remaining light through the clouds and over the Skyline of stadium lights and skyscrapers.

The Reds lost to the Diamondbacks 5 - 3 that night.

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