Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Suburbia Lost] Fuddruckers, Fields Ertel & Fairfield


Two less places to eat, one less place to shop.


As a kid, this Fuddruckers was my favorite restaurant. Of all the chains that decorate their walls with random knick knacks manufactured specifically for synthetic nostalgia - Fuddruckers was the best. They made awesome burgers, on delicious bread and there was a vat that you used to pump cheese onto your meal. It was wonderful.



This particular location is slowly becoming overgrown into a garden while all the stuff inside is still sitting there, wall decorations and all. The other Fuddruckers in Cincinnati was off of the Fields Ertel exit of I-71 in Mason. It's now some sort of "urgent care," but just down the way from it is an abandoned Bigg's Supermarket:


And back in Fairfield, there's the former Roadhouse grill:





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  1. I will always remember coming back from soccer games on the west side of 275 and stopping at the Fuddruckers. Such a good place to eat and such a disappointment when it closed.

    1. It was awesome. I tried to find the next closest one and there's not even one within 200 miles of me.

  2. I don't remember exactly when it closed, but the Fields Ertel Fuddruckers sat empty and untouched for quite a long time until the Urgent Care opened last year I think.

    When I drove down the road Fuddruckers was on (Escort Dr) a few weeks ago, it looked like there was another place closed up and empty.

  3. It's two FEWER places, not less.

  4. There were another couple in the area...one in Florence, which is now some other restaurant after closing around 2007, and one in Anderson Township, which closed in 2003 and is now a Mexican restaurant.

    I have the honor of visiting an operating Fuddrucker's every time I go to Baltimore. They are also very popular around New Mexico.

  5. Ronny, I could not agree with you more! The buns were delicious. I don't recall the vat of cheese but I do recall the (I'm sure) identical vat of mustard of which I did partake generously. I didn't know about any of the Fuddrucker's you or anyone else mentioned here, but there were 2 more I remember: on the West Side, like in the vicinity of that Bally's that's a little ways up the hill from Glenway (I think; not a Westsider, but I used to have to work over there and Fudd's always made the day brighter) and in Rookwood Pavillion in Hyde Park. I was over on the West Side maybe a year ago and saw it was some other restaurant, and the one in HP (of course shhh! don't tell anyone; that's actually Norwood) has been through 2 or 3 other iterations since. Great post.

  6. The Fuddrucker's in Forest Park was demolished & there is now a Taco Bell & a KFC at that location. The Roadhouse Grill in Fairfield was also demolished & a Burger King was built there.