Monday, August 12, 2013

Signs of the Streetcar as Seen in Atlanta


Love it or hate it, Cincinnati's modern streetcar project finally broke ground last year after being upheld by voters twice. Meanwhile, several other American cities, such as Atlanta, are also building modern streetcar lines.

- Atlanta Streetcar construction on NE Peachtree St. Ronny Salerno

I had the opportunity to visit Atlanta over the weekend, where their new streetcar line is on track for a 2014 opening. Crews were finishing up laying the rails for a route that will connect several destinations in downtown with existing bus and rail stops along the city's MARTA transportation system. In Cincinnati, we'll soon see rails like these laid in the streets as the Queen City joins the ranks of Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Charlotte, Houston and several other cities with modern rail systems.

- Atlanta Streetcar Construction on Nw. Ellis St. Ronny Salerno

Currently in Cincinnati, utilities are being relocated and the vehicles have been ordered. The streetcar's opening in 2016 will mark the first time Cincinnati has had rail transit since 1951.

- An Atlanta Streetcar vehicle being assembled. Image via: Atlanta Streetcar on Facebook.

Remember, we almost had a subway once too.

- Rendering of Cincinnati Streetcar vehicle. Image via: Urban Cincy


  1. The trolly folly boondoggle will be killed this November when Mayor Cranley and Vice Mayor Smitherman put the final stake through it

    Nice try yuppies

  2. When will Mark Miller start to pay his bills? How long until his house is placed in foreclosure again or his bank accounts are garnished yet again??

    Nice try deadbeat.

  3. No-Planley Cranley? Too bad the people supporting him can't vote for him. Thats what did Issue 9 and 48 in.
    Having the coasters endorse you is the kiss of death.

  4. That rendering - somebody "flipped the negative" and then put a streetcar in the river. Kind of makes me LOL.