Friday, September 13, 2013

Some Updated Streetcar Info From Atlanta

Just like Cincinnati, Atlanta is also building a modern streetcar system. I had the opportunity to see the construction up close last month, here's an update on the work I saw thanks to some friendly Atlanta folks.

- Atlanta Streetcar construction on Ellis St. in August.

Just the other day the city announced that it will start laying the first tracks for the Cincinnati Streetcar in October, one month ahead of schedule. When that starts, the work will look similar to the above photograph of Atlanta's Ellis St. from last month. What about when its done?

Twitter user @AndromedaBeing was kind enough to send me a photograph they took on August 30th of how the completed track at the same spot looks:

Despite what happened with our Cincinnati Subway all those years ago, get ready, because whether you like it or not (John Cranley, Chris Smitherman, Amy Murray) rail is coming back to the Queen City!

Also a Reddit purchased a print of this photograph when I posted it on r/Atlanta:

And here's how awesome it looks in his downtown Atlanta condo:

If you ever want to purchase a print from QC/D just shoot me an email here.

Update | Oct. 22, 2017:
  • Both the Atlanta and Cincinnati Streetcars are now up and running.


  1. They should give the new Atlanta streetcars names, and they should name one Desirée! #AStreetcarNamedDesirée

  2. The crazy thing is they ripped all these lines up in the 50's. and sent all the cars to the scrap yard. You can thank the rockefellers for that. They wanted to bury the electric cars forever to make way for the oil guzzling cars.