Monday, September 16, 2013

The Ghost Marina of Lake Cumberland


Down at Lake Cumberland, KY an abandoned marina/dock is quietly floating by.


A few weeks ago my good friend Sam was down with some folks at Lake Cumberland when they came across this abandoned marina just quietly floating along. They took their jet skis to it and Sam captured these photos with his iPhone. According to some people he spoke to down there, the dock apparently closed in 2009 and broke away in 2010. Since then it has floated roughly five miles down stream.

In an August 31, 2010 article from the Commonwealth Journal of Somerset, KY, it was reported that the current owners were requesting assistance from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with removing large amounts of debris that were being washed up by heavy rains.

Currently the marina is just slowly drifting along with its rotting docks, an empty building, quiet gas pumps and parts of a pontoon boat in one of the Commonwealth's biggest destinations. According to Sam, the only tenants using the dock currently seem to be mosquitoes.

If you know more about the place, feel free to shoot me an email.

Thanks for the photos, Sam!













  1. The whole marina is adrift. Sadly, that's impressive.

  2. I tried to find it on Google Maps. I came across a couple of possibilities, but none seems to match up quite right. Oh well.

    1. Yeah I was trying to find it as well to include in the article, but wasn't successful either.

  3. It is just up river from Omega Park, KY. It is not located in the main lake part of Cumberland, it is up the Cumberland River east of Burnside. You can find a bunch of information on the forum at under Lake Cumberland Marina Communities. Apparently, it has broken loose before and has been a maintenance issue for years since the water level was lowered and it was moved to its last location.

  4. Is this it?

  5. My aunt has a place down there & told me it was Buck Creek marina. I saw a few articles online about it.

  6. Buck Creek is further up river, this is between Burnside and Buck Creek. My girlfriend's dad lives on Dogwood Road right there, that map is correct. There is an old sign at the boat ramp that has the Army Corp of Engineers logo on it and says Omega Boat Ramp, but looking on their website, they don't even acknowledge it now. The marina was part of an old campground that is on the shore there, and when i was down there this past winter, her dad was saying the property had been sold, and plans were to reopen the campground, and fix up the marina. It is pretty beat down and neglected though I can try and get some pics when I am down there this summer.

  7. This is no doubt Buck Creek boat dock. Family had a slip there from nearly +20 years. Willie was the owner. I believe when the Lake was lowered they had to move the marina out of Buck Creek because it was too shallow.