Friday, July 7, 2017

Concord, Massachusetts

Some quick photos from visiting Concord, MA for a few days and the modes of travel to get there.

Walking around Concord, MA on the 2017 Fourth of July weekend was interesting. All around are markers, historical plaques, and resting places of those who fought in the Revolutionary War. Near our hotel:  the Concord Battleground rests, no longer soaked in the blood of patriots and their enemies from when the war started, but still reminiscent of American sacrifice none the less. Every building flies the Stars and Stripes, while people ride bikes and shuffle up and down to antique shops, cafes, and souvenir stands. The place feels like a more laid back, minor league Colonial Williamsburg featuring all of the early American architecture and history, but without the excitement and character of devoted actors. Nevertheless, it’s a place that’s proud of its history without being too commercially dependent upon it. It’s also clearly a retreat for those with nice summer homes. The odd feelings came from looking down at my phone in the few areas where coverage was strong. In a location stepped in the history of a relatively young nation, on a weekend where many citizens are incredibly proud of that past, our President was posting WWE gifs on Twitter. It’s hard to read quotes by Washington, stories about Jefferson, and hear stories about those who fought off the oppressive King while in the modern day a reality-television-star-turned-politician reels at the freedom of the press that was fought for on the hallowed grounds where you're standing.

Frankly, it’s absolutely surreal.

Still, Concord is an interesting place and a beautiful location to attend a wedding before heading on to Boston. So here’s some photos of that historic place visited on a day when the nation born here seems crazier than the history that lead to its birth.

To arrive, we had to play "planes, trains, and automobiles:"

- CVG People Mover.

With no local transit available in the Cincinnati area early enough for our flight, we drove and parked in long term parking. Then we hopped the shuttle bus to CVG, took a ride on the people mover, and boarded our flight to Boston.

- Boston as seen from a plane arriving from Cincinnati.

Landing at Logan, we rode the Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit to a Red Line subway stop:

The Red Line heavy rail took us to Boston's South Station:

There, we grabbed lunch before hopping on board a commuter train from Boston to Concord:

Finally in Concord, we walked to our hotel and used Uber to get anywhere else. Some photographs from a brief time in Concord, MA:

- This is the spot where Thomas Jefferson signed up for his first text message plan and later his first unlimited data plan.


  1. Nice post! We visited Concord 4 years ago. Beautiful.

  2. Yeah, I was just texting Tommy Jefferson the other day!

    1. Good thing he picked up that unlimited plan!