Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 2017

Quite a few days late with a monthly photo post thanks to traveling. If Google’s Blogger service was still worth anything or was relatively easy to convert to WordPress, I’d be able to post and update from the road. Yet, here we are in 2017 using a publishing platform that worked great ten years ago and hasn’t changed much since.

Couple stories to get caught up on from traveling and interesting observations about Cincinnati before more "standard" QC/D content. Coming up on a year of monthly posts and ten years of QC/D, it’s been interesting watching where this site has gone and trying to determine where it, and myself, will end up.

- OTR and Pendleton from Mt. Adams.

- More comfortable accommodations at a bus stop in Walnut Hills.

- Joe's Diner on Sycamore sitting empty and closed, filled with what I thought was wood and is apparently insulation.

Word on the street is that the diner seen above is reopening soon. I hope it's done well. My friends and I used to frequent this place a lot when it reopened the last time in 2010. It was my favorite place to bring out of town visitors/reintroduce locals to the urban core. What started with fair prices, good burgers, and decent coffee spiraled into poor service and bad food circa 2012. The place closed and has been quiet ever since.

If you know who's reopening it and what their plans are, I'd love to hear them. Shoot me an email. Additionally, if someone needs some photos to go on the walls or help photographing a menu, I'd be happy to help. 

In the meantime, another languishing urban restaurant/bar also reopened:

For years, that Bay Horse Cafe sign sat in disrepair. You could see it when looking into the dusty windows on this Main St. storefront. In early June, I saw it go back up while the neon was awaiting installation. As of today, it's reopened. Looking forward to checking it out.

You can find out more about the Bay Horse Cafe here.

- Shirt from PVA LA.

- Finally made a point to stop into The Sports Page Restaurant on Main St. Good, honest food with an interior that feels the same as it probably did when the Reds took the series in 1990.

- O Pie O in Walnut Hills is fantastic.

- FC Cincinnati revealing stadium renderings. More on this whole situation soon.

- The Toasters at MOTR. Nothing better than randomly coming across a band you've always wanted to see live. D.L.T.B.G.Y.D.

- Streetcar on Walnut.

- Paul Brown Stadium and weeds.

- Paul Brown Stadium as seen from a nearby alleyway.

Ended up killing time one evening shooting photos of Paul Brown Stadium. On the western riverfront, this stadium seems somewhat alone. It's not used as regularly as the ballpark and its design doesn't seem to have aged well although I think it still looks good. Maybe it'd get more recognition if The Bengals were worth anything.

- Dad, uncle, and grandfather, all of whom hail from Long Island and Italy respectively and approve of Campanello's downtown.

- Great American tower tiara as seen from a parking garage behind nearby apartments.

- St. Bernard Dairy Queen.

- The "ovation" site in Newport, KY. One of the proposed FC Cincinnati stadium locations and one I don't have a problem with.

- Supporters march heading to Nippert Stadium before FC Cincinnati defeated the Chicago Fire. The march ran for several blocks.

- CVG Airport "people mover" one morning while heading to Boston.

QC/D Updates this past month:

It's been a pretty busy and trying month, so I only got around to one thing:

Opinion: New Stadiums in Cincinnati - Part 1 | Not that anyone asked for it, but here's my opinion on 1 of 2 proposed new stadiums in Cincinnati with a look at history, context, and whether or not taxpayers should fund a new US Bank Arena. 

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