Monday, February 26, 2018

The Flood of 2018 II

Following up the recent post that was shot on a rather bleak looking day, another look at this year's flood as the Ohio River peaked. Barring any more excessive rain, the forecast is calling for the water to recede. Guessing that the next flood shots you'll see inundated across social media, the local news, and even here, will be of mud covered streets and cleanup.

- Mehring Way.

- Mehring Way and Smale Riverfront Park.

- Paul Brown Stadium.

- Footsteps coming up from the river to the Roebling's stairs. Not sure who or what has come out of that water.

- Drinking fountain in Smale Park.

- The Riverfront garage's lower levels have been closed. My friend Noel snapped a photograph the previous night of cars that hadn't been moved and were trapped down there.

- Eastern entrance to the city's underground Riverfront Transit Center. The facility isn't used regularly or open to the public so there was no impact to bus service. 

- Street entrance to the Riverfront Transit Center fogging over with cold temperatures outside and river water flowing through below.

- The Roebling Suspension Bridge alive and well despite the high waters.

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