Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018

Photographs made in February 2018 that didn’t necessarily fit into a larger story. Made a couple quick frames posts this month, still working on some larger and more detailed articles. It’s been an interesting 28 days starting with ice storms and freezing temps, ending with warm weather and dramatic flooding. Here’s some stuff seen along the way.

Photographs made with a Canon 7DMKII and iPhone X.

- Evening commute on the Metro 12X.

- St. Louis Catholic Church and alleyway.

- Working on a new book and indulging in deep fried food at my favorite Downtown Cincinnati diner..

- Great to be back at Rhinehaus with the fine folks of Die Innenstadt to ring in the soccer season with some FC Cincinnati preseason action.

- Liberty Center in Liberty Township, OH. An outdoor mall with apartments.

- Remains of Christmas in a parking attendant booth.

I have no idea what the sticker on the pole above says or any clue what this contraption left on the street below is.

- From atop the parking garage of the building that changes color.

- A Chevy 1500 painted up in the colors and markings of the famous Memphis Belle WW2 bomber.

- Nippert Stadium.

- The soccer pitch at Nippert Stadium.

Didn't really post anything super substantial or informative this month, but did end up shooting quite a few frames series.

QC/D Updates this past month:

February Ice Storm | For one day, the city was coated in frozen water.

President's Day | Some photographs made around the neighborhood on a day off.

The Flood of 2018 | On a bleak and dreary day, documenting the recent floodwaters in Cincinnati as well as the 1970s era arena plaza in all its concrete glory.

The Flood of 2018 II |  A followup to the initial flooding photographs as the river reached its peak.

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