Sunday, March 11, 2018

An Urban Geyser in Pleasant Ridge

In the Cincinnati neighborhood of Pleasant Ridge, a dislodged fire hydrant lead to the appearance of an urban geyser.

I was sitting at my desk, going through my draft folder, seeing if I had any stories ready for this website. Nothing was quite as developed as I wanted it to be, nor did I have anything shot recently that might make a quick frames post. It was nice outside, but not quite warm or sunny enough for any incentive to go out and knock something off the ongoing “to-do” list of places and potential stories to document. As I was about to give up and cede my afternoon to laundry and taxes, my friend Matt shot me a text:

“Oakley fire hydrant blew up, just drove past,” it said with a picture attached of water spraying into the air.

I figured the incident would be over by the time I got there, but at only seven minutes away, I had to go look. The water incident turned out to be in nearby Pleasant Ridge and the story according to a mix of police, firefighters, and residents at the scene seemed to be:

  • Last night or early this morning (March 11, 2018), a vehicle hit the fire hydrant at the corner of Woodmont Ave. and Woodford Rd. The driver did not stick around.
  • CPD was aware of the hit and skip, tagged the hydrant with caution tape and notified Greater Cincinnati Waterworks. 
  • The hydrant was slightly leaking, but at some point this afternoon: “something changed.” Water began gushing out of the ground. The hydrant was about 20 ft. away, in the gutter. 
  • The nearest house’s occupants were out of town. No word on if their home has been flooded. 
  • CFD and Waterworks were opening nearby sewer caps and using tools to “relieve pressure” according to one person. After I had been there for approximately an hour, the water ceased. 

Photographs and video of the scene:



  1. Cool Pictures. Too bad it isn't July your pictures would be full of neighborhood kids trying to cool off. When we do hydrant testing for our department there is always kids chasing us from hydrant to hydrant laughing and screaming as they play in the water.

    1. Ha, there were so many kids running about, tempting fate to try and get near the water. It's a shame it wasn't warmer, although once they opened up the sewer lines to relieve pressure, the water mixed with those and became much nastier.