Thursday, June 21, 2018

Some of the Coolest Thank-You Notes I've Ever Recieved

A few weeks ago, I spoke to some kids at a local school about fading advertisements/ghost signsmy book from 2015, and the kind of work I've done here on QC/D for the past decade. They were a great audience with fantastic questions. A lot of fun to talk with. In the mail, shortly after they took a field trip to Downtown, I got these really touching thank you notes from them. Hopefully they'll continue to look up, down, and around at the details of the city while appreciating its history.

- The Cincinnati Subway is always a popular topic of conversation no matter the audience's average age.

- Go Reds.

- Coca Cola once had a huge budget allocated for painted wall advertising. Some of their signs were featured prominently in the talk. 

- The faded advertisement featuring a Nikon camera can be seen from 7th and Vine when looking west.